Simplify Your Fertility Tracking with KNOWHEN®LITE

The KNOWHEN®LITE app is a streamlined version of our comprehensive original KNOWHEN® App. Designed for ease and efficiency, KNOWHEN®LITE allows you to quickly record your ovulation results daily and more accurately predict your 5-day fertile window.

  • Daily Ovulation Tracking

    Easily input your daily test results to monitor your ovulation.

  • Fertility Window Prediction

    Utilize advanced algorithms to identify your most fertile days with greater precision.

  • Health and Mood Journal

    Keep track of your health conditions and mood changes to see patterns over time.

  • Exclusive Educational Content

    Access a wealth of educational materials directly through the app, enhancing your understanding of fertility and health.

Enhance Your Fertility Journey

Embrace a simpler way to manage your reproductive health with KNOWHEN®LITE. Tailored to support your fertility tracking needs, this app provides all the essential tools in a user-friendly interface.