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KNOWHEN® Saliva Ovulation Test

First approved by the FDA in 2009 and clinically tested in the USA for 98.9% accuracy in 2014, the KNOWHEN® Saliva Ovulation Test helps you pinpoint your five most fertile days using just a drop of saliva. Take charge of your fertility journey and enhance your natural conception chances from the comfort of your home.

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  • The KNOWHEN® saliva test has been a fantastic addition in our quest for pregnancy. It is so empowering to have a visual component to see your own hormone changes and predict fertility.


  • It is so much cleaner to use and less wasteful than the plastic monitors and plastic urine sticks.


  • Fabulous pregnancy tool! Very accurate, worth the money spent! I am pregnant now, personally, for me, it worked like a charm.

    -Judy L. Davis

  • I Love this! Take control of your fertility. You will thank yourself. 

    -Ashley Hernandez

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  • Trying to Conceive

    Whether you’re starting your family or facing challenges conceiving again.

  • Cycle Irregularities

    Ideal for those with irregular cycles, thyroid imbalances, or PCOS.

  • Understanding Your Body

    Gain insights into your body and cycles, whether or not you're planning for pregnancy soon.

Why Choose KNOWHEN®?

Ease of Use

No urine required. Use it anywhere or in the privacy of your home to check if you are ovulating.

How it works

Innovative Technology

Patented technology exclusive to KNOWHEN®, registered globally since 2011.

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Eco-Friendly & Cost-Effective

KNOWHEN® is a sustainable choice that reduces environmental impact and eliminates recurring purchases.

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KNOWHEN® in the Media

Saliva Ovulation Test

When it
comes to tracking fertility, the saliva ovulation test has emerged as a
revolutionary method for many women. Knowhen provides standout products which
not only promise improved body understanding. The link between saliva and
ovulation is the detection of estrogen levels in saliva which increase as
ovulation approaches. Our product also offers the convenience of a reusable
ovulation saliva kit that is registered by the FDA. By using a saliva ovulation
test, you're investing in a method that empowers you with intimate knowledge of
your reproductive cycle. The ovulation saliva test ensures you can identify
your most fertile days with confidence. Saliva testing for ovulation may appear
like a novel idea but it is very effective.

Which Factors Can Affect the Accuracy of Ovulation Saliva

the reliability of the ovulation saliva test starts with recognizing the
factors that can influence its accuracy. Factors such as oral hygiene,
medication, and even the time of day can have significant effects on your
saliva testing for ovulation. To ensure accuracy, it's crucial to follow the
test instructions carefully and use the saliva ovulation test consistently. The
saliva and ovulation relationship is scientifically proven, with the presence
of a distinctive "ferning" pattern in dried saliva samples being a
key indicator that ovulation is near. However, for those looking for fertility solutions,
it's essential to consider the home ovulation test
as a part of a broader understanding of one's fertility and saliva ovulation.
When purchasing an ovulation test online,
look for a product that supports informed decision-making, such as guides or a
science page dedicated to helping you interpret saliva testing for ovulation
results accurately. The saliva ovulation method is not just about getting a
positive test; it's about charting and understanding your body's unique signals
throughout your cycle. Our saliva ovulation solution is designed for women who
value precision and ease of use. The Ovulation saliva kit combines
user-friendly design with scientific accuracy, ensuring that you can rely on
the results during your journey to conception. Our ovulation saliva test
provides fertility solutions that are not only effective but also empower women
with greater knowledge of their bodies. Our ovulation saliva kit encourages you
to become an active participant in understanding your reproductive health,
especially saliva and ovulation. On our science
, you’ll find comprehensive
information that supports the ovulation saliva test, helping you make informed
decisions. When seeking an ovulation test online, it's important to choose a
kit that reflects a dedication to quality and reliability.

Learn More About Our Accurate Ovulation Saliva Kits

 Our saliva testing for ovulation is a
testament to this commitment, providing a dependable tool for women everywhere.
Maximize your reproductive awareness with an ovulation saliva kit. That is not
just a test, but a journey towards understanding saliva and ovulation and your
body better. Embrace the opportunity to plan your family with precision and
discover the benefits of our saliva ovulation test today. For more information
on the saliva ovulation nexus and to take the first step in your fertility
journey, visit our website and explore the smart, sustainable choice for
tracking your cycle through saliva ovulation.