FDA-cleared in 2009 and tested in the USA with 98.9% proven clinical accuracy in 2014. KNOWHEN® allows you to discover your 5 most fertile days with just a drop of saliva in the comfort of your home. With KNOWHEN®, you can take control of your fertility and increase your chances of conceiving naturally.

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  • The KNOWHEN® saliva test has been a fantastic addition in our quest for pregnancy. It is so empowering to have a visual component to see your own hormone changes and predict fertility.


  • It is so much cleaner to use and less wasteful than the plastic monitors and plastic urine sticks.


  • Fabulous pregnancy tool! Very accurate, worth the money spent! I am pregnant now, personally, for me, it worked like a charm.

    -Judy L. Davis

  • I Love this! Take control of your fertility. You will thank yourself. 

    -Ashley Hernandez

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  • Try to conceive

    You are TTC for the first time, or you already have kids, but you struggle to get pregnant again.

  • Irregular cycles and other problems

    If you have irregular cycles, thyroid problems, or PCOS issues.

  • Body understanding

    You want to understand your body and your cycles even if you are not planning to have babies now.

What makes KNOWHEN® unique?

Comfort and Easy to use

You don't need urine, meaning you can handle the KNOWHEN® test wherever you go and discover exactly if you are ovulating with just a drop of saliva (or do it in the comfort of your home).

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New Technology

KNOWHEN® is a registered trademark, and our technology has been patented in many countries since 2011. We are the only ones that can use this technology.

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Reduce costs for you and for the planet.

KNOWHEN® is an investment that can be used for years, not just months or days. This means you create less impact on the planet with your purchase (less environmental waste), and there are no recurring expenses to buy it multiple times!

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