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KNOWHEN® Saliva Ovulation Test

KNOWHEN® Saliva Ovulation Test

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When it comes to planning a family or monitoring one's fertility, a home ovulation test can be an invaluable tool. This Knowhen product is a standout option, providing users with a deeper understanding of their own bodies. Implementing a home ovulation test allows for a personal and intimate approach to fertility, tailored to each individual. With the use of such a home ovulation test, women gain the empowerment of improved body understanding, essentially tuning into the body's natural signals. What sets this particular test apart is its innovative design as a reusable test that is also registered by the FDA, ensuring both sustainability and reliability.

How Does a Home Ovulation Test Work?

The home ovulation kit is a marvel of modern health technology, aimed specifically at providing fertility solutions for those trying to conceive or seeking to prevent unexpected pregnancy. The way these kits work is by detecting the surge in luteinizing hormone (LH) that typically occurs before ovulation. A woman's body is an intricate system, and especially when it comes to fertility, understanding the subtle cues it provides is crucial. A self-test ovulation kit can greatly aid in this, offering a window into the ovulation cycle. The saliva ovulation test is non-invasive. This woman ovulation kit interprets the patterns of dried saliva as indicators of ovulation. Learning how to use a home ovulation kit is straightforward. It can assist in family planning or in efforts to prevent unexpected pregnancy. The benefits of this woman ovulation kit being reusable mean that one can track their cycles over time without the added cost and waste of disposable tests. As you consider the numerous available options, the self-test ovulation stands out for its ease and accuracy. Taking control of your fertility journey is as straightforward as ordering a home ovulation kit. With the availability of the self-test ovulation, women can discreetly manage their reproductive health from the comfort of their homes. The simplicity of the self-test ovulation makes it an ideal choice for those new to fertility tracking, while its accuracy provides reassurance for more experienced users. Regardless of where you are on your fertility journey, a woman ovulation kit can offer valuable insights and support.

Order Our Home Ovulation Kit

Considering the benefits of a product that can be reused and is recognized by the FDA, making the investment into a woman ovulation kit is not only smart but also highly practical. So why wait? Take charge of your fertility today, and order your home ovulation kit now, taking that vital step towards improved body understanding and reproductive empowerment. Ready to embark on a journey of enhanced fertility awareness? Order your home ovulation test today and take the first step towards reproductive empowerment.

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"Fabulous pregnancy tool! Very accurate, worth the money spent! I am pregnant now, personally, for me, it worked like a charm."

-Judy L. Davis -


What you get in the KNOWHEN® KIT


KNOWHEN® Saliva Ovulation Test is a lipstick-size monitor that predicts ovulation days quickly and identifies a woman's 5 (FIVE) most fertile days.

US clinically tested and FDA cleared.


(1) Reusable Mini Ovulation Microscope (self-lighting)
(2) English and Spanish instructions
(3) Fertility Monitor APP
(4) Personal Fertility Chart
(5) Lens Cleaning Cloth
(6) Discreet Lipstick Tube Carrying Case
(7) Extra Batteries: 2 AA Silver Oxide, Required, Included

DETAILS: [60 X magnification microscope lens]

Shipping Information

Your items will ship out within two days of purchase (workdays). Currently, we only ship in the US, but we are working to make KNOWHEN® available worldwide.

Estimated ship dimensions: 7.2 inches length x 4.6 inches width x 1.5 inches height.

Estimated ship weight: 0.34pounds

Warranty & Return Policy

The KNOWHEN® Saliva Fertility Tester is guaranteed for life for all manufacturing defects. However, before returning the microscope, we suggest you call our Customer Service Department toll-free at 1- 877-456-6943 or send an email at to discuss the problem and allow our service experts to provide the proper solution. To exchange the KNOWHEN® Saliva Fertility Tester, send $5.99 for return postage, insurance, and handling to manufacture. Your original receipt and packaging must accompany your returned microscope.
Manufacture: Hilin Life Products, Inc. ONE GATEWAY PL., SUITE 2600 Newark, NJ07102.

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