5 tips for "do-it-yourself" fertility checking

5 tips for "do-it-yourself" fertility checking

By Helen Denise, CEO of KNOWHEN

After I graduated from college, I always was working with women, heard many stories and noticed that one issue is the most important to each one. 

Many of you wake up with the same questions and secretly searching for the answers: can I become  pregnant today or not, when I can be pregnant, Am I pregnant. And the answer is in your own saliva.... 

We, women, spend hundreds of dollars every year to buy dozens of disposable urine ovulation tests or  pregnancy tests and pee on the stick… Welcome to XXI Century and be ready for change! 

Me personally always afraid to use any birth control pills, because of a lot of side effects... I remember  doing constantly calculations, each time desperately waiting for the menstrual periods. Each delay with  the periods cost me nerves and money. But the most significant fact was that after using pregnancy test in  the next days I had periods. Wow, it looks like subconsciously I postponed my periods being under the  stress. The same is happening with the women who want to become pregnant and after unsuccessful  attempts to conceive are making this situation even worth. 

Ovulation cycles may last from 5 to 8 days. You can increase chances to conceive knowing your cycles, because actual sperm can live for 2-3 days before the day of ovulation accurse and day after. Many WOMEN MISLEAD THEMSELF ABOUT FERTILITY JUST CHECKING OVULATION AT THE WRONG TIME. Ovulation CAN BE ANY TIME during the menstrual cycle, twice in a month and even  during the menstrual cycles. Knowing your unique ovulation cycle is very important. It will be the best  way of natural family planning. 

Why it's so important to know your ovulation cycles? 

  1. To visit a doctor in time - before it's too late. For some women the problem to conceive can be prevented  if they will find out health problems in time and to have a certain treatment. 
  2. To know when conception is more possible. In this case you will not be stressed and surprised that you cannot conceive right away, because after the 27th, a lot of women are not ovulating each month and sometimes it's difficult to catch your ovulation cycle. Unfortunately most women are thinking that regular  menstrual cycle is the first sign to conceive right away. 
  3. Use this in addition to all methods of contraception. The American Medical Association  (AMA) Home Medical Encyclopedia, Page 60 enter on "Ovulation": “Some forms of  contraception ( see Contraception, periodic abstinence) are based on predicting when ovulation occurs  each month and avoiding sexual intercourse at the time”.  
  4. Gain control of your life by programming activity around your ovulation. It's known that at the days of ovulation women can feel differently, behaves differently, because it's some kind of changes in the women's body. You can plan a lot of things differently in your life if you have this knowledge. 
  5. You can increase your chance of having a boy or girl by choosing the right time for intercourse. Sperm carrying X-chromosomes lives longer and swims slower than male V-carrying sperm. Therefore, if you  have intercourse about 3 days prior to ovulation, you have a better chance of conceiving a girl; and the closer to ovulation you have sex, the better the chances are of having a boy. 

You definitely be beneficial having accurate knowledge about your ovulation cycles:

  1. Discover any irregularities in time. 
  2. Avoid unwanted pregnancy. 
  3. Increase the chances to conceive. 
  4. Have a natural healthy way of family planning. 
  5. Avoid taking unnecessary drugs. 

You can discover an unbelievable convenient, quick easy way to give yourself an ovulation test, while still in your bed and save money if you go to https://knowhenovulationtest.com.

A daily test of a drop of your saliva can give you the answer to your question of "When?" This will turn  any guesswork into an accurate daily calendar of your personal ovulation cycles. 

Our reusable product, KNOWHEN® and personal APP to track your ovulation cycle, can help you do  this easily and naturally. You just place a drop of your saliva on the supplied slide first thing in the  morning, allow it to dry and look at the pattern using the provided mini-microscope. If you see a fern-like  pattern, which matches the sample provided in the full kit, ovulation is occurring. Be sure to read the  instructions carefully, as well as the information about KNOWHEN® included in the package. 

KNOWHEN® is the only saliva-based ovulation test of its kind with published US clinical studies,  Educational information together with Kit and free APP. Now KNOWHEN® is available in US Retail  stores.

KNOWHEN® is an FDA registered device with accuracy more than 98%.

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