Would you recommend your daughter to use the Morning-After Pill “Plan B”?

Would you recommend your daughter to use the Morning-After Pill “Plan B”?

By Helen Denise, CEO of KNOWHEN

The Plan B pill is used when a woman has unprotected sex and fear of pregnancy  is constantly on her mind. As one OBGYN doctor told me – “Have no fear, the  Plan B pill will take care of any mistakes and save the day”. Even more, this  doctor told me that there’s no real health risk and at worst it could make your  periods irregular. 

Doesn’t this sound great? 

In one study conducted by Plan B, it was found that 84% of expected pregnancies  were prevented. It was noted that these figures are based on “estimates” of when  “ovulation” might have occurred.  

Should everyone take the morning-after pill or Is there a more responsible way to  track ovulation? Why should you care? 

Having being in the fertility field for 16 years I know that “ovulation estimates”  are far from reality. I would like to share what I have discovered over many years  in this field. 

If you take this pill when you are not ovulating then you are taking hormones in  large doses for no reason. It is exposing your body to unnecessary hormonal  spikes which is not natural and seems counterintuitive to anyone who is concerned  about their health. If you take the morning-after pill and still get pregnant, there is  also the potential for harm in some women. 

Is Plan B similar to an abortion? It is defined as “Plan B will stop the egg from  implantation” but will not abort an existing pregnancy but this is open for  discussion. Some may consider this an early abortion. 

There are potential side effects to consider when taking Plan B, as with any  medications. They include nausea, abdominal pain, fatigue, headache, heavy  menstrual bleeding, breast tenderness, vomiting, diarrhea and dizziness. But what  is the long term impact to your body, to your health? 

Personally I feel pain watching “easy Plan B” solution because I know of MANY infertility cases that exist after women have used different contraception methods  to prevent a pregnancy. Women need to consider their long-term health and their ability to get pregnant in the future so they can have peace of mind during and after intercourse, planned or unplanned, protected or unprotected.  

Did you know that there is a natural way to track the ovulation that has no side  effects and is 98.9% accurate? Why would you put large amounts of hormones in  your body when you can easily and confidentially track you ovulation naturally?  

Using saliva you can understand your cycles and track your sexual health. When  you take control of your personal ovulation cycle, you don’t need Plan B. Being a  mom I wish my daughter would never be exposed to Plan B as a contraception  option and the advertising about how it can be taken on a regular basis, even as  often as once a week. 

I strongly believe that infertility is not an epidemic; more often it’s a lack of  knowledge or the result of exposing your body to unnecessary pharmaceuticals like Plan B when fear takes place. 

Would YOU recommend your daughter to use the Morning-After Pill? I would not for MY daughter. 


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